Dell Downloadable Software Benefits and FAQ

Dell Downloadable Software Benefits and FAQ

Key Customer Benefits of Software Downloads
  • Free Delivery : No Shipping costs.
  • Immediate Access : Get the software you want in about 30 minutes without leaving your home.
  • Easy to manage : You can track and manage all of your software download purchases in your free My Locker account.
  • Easy Recovery : If your hard drive crashes, log in to My Locker to access the keys to re-download your software. This free extended download service allows you to download your purchased software again at no charge.
  • Keep it Green : There is no wasteful packaging or shipping involved minimizing adverse impact to the environment.

What happens after you buy?
1. You will receive a confirmation email with directions on how to access your digital locker, usually in about 30 minutes - it will     include your login ID and password.
2. Login to "My Locker" with your login (email address) and password to view your order(s)
3. Click download to put the software on your PC.
4. Once you have downloaded the software to your PC, install the product. For products that require a software license key, type in     the key during the installation (do not copy and paste).

What if I need help with my download or software license key?
1. Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below
2. Send your question in email to download_software@Dell.com so that our Care agents can help you with the download experience.


What if I do not receive my email from the download team at Dell?
Check to see if the email is in your junk email or spam folder. Always be certain to add download_software@Dell.com as a contact so that you receive any future emails. If you did not receive your confirmation email with directions on how to access your "My Locker" account, please send an inquiry via email to download_software@Dell.com. Include your email address, first and last name and date of your order. An application for financing or an issue with your payment may delay your order. We will process it as soon as those delays are resolved. Unfortunately, we are not able to help you with payment issues. You will need to contact your Dell Financial Support team by email or call 1-800-283-2210 Mon-Fri 7am -8pm CST.

Can I download software from the Dell Download Store if I am using a computer with a Linux or Mac operating system?
No. The Dell Download Manager tool used to download software from the Store does not work on computers using a Linux or Mac operating system. For more information, please read the system requirements.

How quickly will I receive my software?
Getting your software up and running quickly is one of the primary benefits of downloadable software. In most cases, you can have your software running in less than the time it would take to drive to the store and back.

Once you have placed your download order, you will receive a confirmation email with complete download instructions. Normally you receive your email confirmation within minutes.

Your download time depends on the size of the file, the speed of your connection, and the amount of traffic on the Internet. If you don't receive your confirmation email right away, make sure that the licensetech.com domain is added to your safe senders list or check your spam folder in case the email was inadvertently identified as spam. For downloading software, we recommend a high speed broadband connection such as cable modem or DSL.

How can I get technical support for the product(s) I purchased?
For technical assistance such as how to use the software you purchased, please contact the Technical Support Department of the software publisher. For all purchase or download questions, please contact our customer care team at download_software@Dell.com.

Is the download version of software the same as the retail box?
Yes, the download version is the same as the retail boxed version. The only difference is in the way the software is delivered to your PC, downloaded from Dell versus being loaded from a CD.

Do I need high-speed broadband or other requirements to download software?
It is recommended that you have a broadband connection. The speed of your connection will dictate how fast the files download. You can use a dial-up connection for download, but this will increase your download time.
Most PCs sold within the last couple of years are capable of downloading software. Like all software, however, you will want to make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements recommended by the software publisher to run the software. The software's performance on your PC is not related to how you received the software (downloaded versus retail box).


Are there system requirements for software downloads?
Yes. The following table references which Microsoft .NET version is required when using a specific browser. The Dell Download Manager will automatically detect whether or not you have the correct .NET Framework if you are running Internet Explorer. If you do not have the 3.0 .NET Framework installed, the Dell Download Manager will automatically install the 3.0 .NET Framework for you.

Additionally, to learn how to find out if this program is already installed on your computer, follow the steps listed under the question: How do I find out if Microsoft .NET is installed on my computer?

Dell Download Manager Microsoft .NET Requirements
If your computer has the operating system:And you are using this browser:Then your computer must have this program installed:
Windows VistaIE (Internet Explorer) version 7.0 or greaterMicrosoft .NET Framework Version 3.0 or greater NOTE: Program automatically comes with Vista
Windows ME, 2000, XPIE (Internet Explorer) version 6.0 or greaterMicrosoft .NET Framework Version 3.0 or greater
Mozilla Firefox version 2.0 or greaterMicrosoft .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1

How do I find out if Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 or greater or .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 is installed on my computer?
You can see if the program is installed by looking at the Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.
           1. Click Start, point to Control Panel and then click Settings.
           2. Click Add or Remove Programs.
           3. Scroll down the list to see if the program is installed.
Are there browser requirements for using Dell Download Manager?
No. There are no add-on browser features required for Internet Explorer or Firefox.


Can I download multiple software titles simultaneously?
Yes, by clicking Download next to each of your products.

Where does Dell Download Manager Store my software downloads?
Software downloads are stored in the folder named My Dell Downloads located in the My Documents folder.

Can the download process be paused and later restarted?
Software downloads are stored in the folder named My Dell Downloads located in the My Documents folder.

If I cancel the download process or it fails, do I need to restart the download process from the beginning?
Yes, start the process from the beginning. If you are not already logged in, log into the Dell Download Store and look for your order in the Order History section of My Locker:
           1. Click My Locker, log in, if needed, select the Order History option and then search for your order.
           2. In the column labeled Action, click View to re-display the Order Confirmation.
           3. Click Download to start your download.


My question has not been answered. What can I do?
Please send an email to download_software@Dell.com with your specific question.

How can I contact customer service?
Please send an email to download_software@Dell.com with your specific question.

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