Graphics Card Bay — Help reduce the shock and vibration issues of high-performance gaming with a unique cage design. The bay also provides a focused airflow compartment for outstanding GPU cooling.

Hard Drive Assembly — Add and remove up to four hard drives with cable-free, slide-in caddies, which eliminate the need to manually plug in independent power and Serial ATA cables. You can also reach a high level of performance with optional configurations featuring RAID 1+0 technology, or upgrade to solid state drives for enhanced reliability.

Memory Expansion — Destroy your enemies with 1600MHz DDR3 memory* engineered to support the faster speeds and higher bandwidths than on 1066MHz or 1333MHz memory.

Multimedia Options — Why limit yourself to gaming? Watch your favorite movies with the Blu-ray DiscTM  drive, enjoy TV shows with the optional HDTV tuner and play videos via WiFi or Bluetooth.® 

Alienware Cable Management — Rather than having a birds-nest of component wires that reduce the airflow within your system, you can optimize the airflow to your high-performance components with bundled wires and cables, secured neatly away from view. This helps keep everything cooler — and looks cool, too.
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