A Simple Path to Virtualization

DellTM  PowerEdgeTM  virtualization-ready server configurations are designed to streamline peripheral options to those best suited for virtualization, helping to make your decision process easier. Optional factory-integrated embedded hypervisors can help you get your solution up and running faster.

Customize your virtualization-ready server

Virtualization your way: Choosing the Right Hypervisor

Dell offers a choice of industry leading hypervisors for flexibility in tailoring a solution to meet your unique needs. The chart below provides a high level comparison of hypervisor capabilities. If you have questions about which hypervisor is best for your needs, please contact your Dell sales representative.

CategoryFeatureCitrix®  XenServer 4.1 Microsoft® Hyper – VTM  VMwareTM ESX 3.5 VMware
ESXi 3.5
ImplementationEmbeddedAvailable with Windows Server 2008 CD ROMEmbedded
Storage Support iSCSI SAN storage
Fibre Channel SAN storageNA
SAS external storage
Internal RAID management
Systems Management Remote Management
Server Management
System Alerts
Advanced functionality *Citrix XenServer EnterpriseMicrosoft System Center and Virtual Machine ManagerVMware Infrastructure 3 & VirtualCenterVMware Infrastructure 3 & VirtualCenter
Live migration*
High availabilityNA
Dynamic workload management


NA = Not Available = Good = Better = Best

What's the difference between VMware ESX 3.5 and VMware ESXi 3.5?

ESXi 3.5 is VMware’s next-generation hypervisor technology, co-developed with Dell to facilitate embedded virtualization. Dell recommends evaluating embedded VMware ESXi 3.5 for simplified deployment and higher security in shared-storage environments. As the virtualization ecosystem is adapting to VMware’s new hypervisor architecture, the CD-ROM based VMware ESX 3.5 will still have the broadest compatibility with 3rd-party management tools and provide the most robust management environment.

What does "embedded" mean?

Embedded hypervisors are designed to deliver all the functionality required to partition a server resources, while minimizing the software code for simplified installation and increased reliability and security. By selecting an embedded option with your server purchase, your Dell PowerEdge server will arrive fully configured, tested and ready to deploy into your environment as a virtualization platform with just a few clicks.