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AI that lets tourists become scientists

Through the power of AI, Dell Technologies is empowering volunteers, scientists, students and other groups to gather and analyze raw data in real time. Together, we’re working with the Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef on a deep learning model that enables the rapid collection and analysis of photographs. By accelerating images to insights and increasing the understanding of coral health to ensure effective, scalable conservation efforts, we can protect the Great Barrier Reef, right now.

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Technology that lets shelves restock themselves

Data lives at the edge, and for grocery stores that means gathering real-time data from the store’s shelves. That edge data results in faster insights and automated fulfillment decisions within intricate global supply chains.This creates hyper-customized retail experiences, like customers pulling their favorite ice cream off of the shelf right when they want it. Who knew big data could taste so sweet? Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions that give businesses their edge.

The tech that makes it possible

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Power your passions with intelligent laptops designed with innovative features.

Create, consume and connect with a suite of laptops that provide a seamless experience like the XPS 13 Plus, which is designed on the Intel® Evo platform and packs the most innovative technology into a premium design.

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Feel more connected to your work than ever with laptops designed with intelligent features.

Innovate wherever inspiration strikes with a range of professional devices such as the Latitude 9440 2-in-1 powered by the Intel vPro® platform, featuring a Haptic Collaboration Touchpad and Zero-Lattice keyboard.

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Unleash innovation with smart, flexible and resilient infrastructure.

Powerful infrastructure solutions like PowerEdge R660xs and PowerStore 500, accelerated by Intel® Xeon® processors, feature built-in automation, energy efficiency and cybersecurity to reduce operational costs and confidently grow your business.

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Empower your teams to focus on what matters most, eliminating needless complexity, inefficiency and cost.

Take advantage of as-a-Service everywhere with simplified cloud experiences that deliver more agility and control accelerated by Intel® Xeon®.

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Dell Technologies + Reefs

Analyzing data at the speed of now

Before now, less than 5% of the Great Barrier Reef had ever been monitored and analyzed. We partnered with Australian-based Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef to create a Dell AI solution to transform reef analysis and conservation, helping them scale to new depths in their mission to conserve the Great Barrier Reef.

Dell Technologies + Mermaids

Building a new generation of ocean advocates

Freediver and ocean conservationist, Zandile Ndhlovu, is working to create more equal ocean access for children of color. Her XPS 13 Plus, designed on the Intel® Evo platform, gives her the freedom to grow The Black Mermaid Foundation and continue to make spaces where everyone belongs.