K-12 IT Solutions

K-12 IT Solutions

Realize your path to K-12 student-centered transformation

Today’s digital world provides opportunities for students to learn in highly personalized ways. When teachers and students become co-creators in the K-12 learning process and leverage technology in meaningful ways, the learning experiences can inspire all learners. Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned to support districts in designing student-centric learning models to develop future readiness of students.

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Deep learning for all students

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K-12 districts across the country are transforming their learning environments with the goal of deepening learning for all students.

Round Rock ISD

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St. Clair College drives visibility, growth and student success with Canada's first varsity and academic esports programs.

Carteret County School District

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Montana State University Billings and Dell Technologies partnered to advance online learning technology for students everywhere through utilizing the Connected Classroom technology.

Designing Student Access for Equitable Learning

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Equitable student access has become a topic that is synonymous with equitable learning. Learn more about essential topics and actions that every district/school should discuss.

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