• K-12 Education

    Transforming K-12 Education for the digital era.

    Intel Innovation Built-in

      Realize your path to K-12 student-centered transformation.

      Today’s digital world provides opportunities for students to learn in highly personalized ways. When teachers and students become co-creators in the K-12 learning process and leverage technology in meaningful ways, the learning experiences can inspire all learners. With a dedicated team of former educators who have extensive backgrounds in successful technology implementation, Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned to support districts in designing student-centric learning models to develop future readiness of students.

    • Student and Educator Computing

      Student and Educator Computing

      Enable anytime access.

      Our portfolio, which includes traditional Latitude laptops and Dell Chromebooks, is designed with K-12 students in mind.

      • Innovative student laptops built for learning
      • Mobility solutions for untethered teaching
      • Education accessories keep learning productive
    • Create active learning spaces.

      Learning Spaces

      Create active learning spaces.

      Support a range of activities, group sizes, locations and learning purposes with flexible spaces, furniture and information technology.

      • Instructional technology for every learning space
      • Flexible furniture to support modern learning
      • Desktop solutions for shared spaces and specialty curriculum
    • Transform teaching to empower learners.

      Professional Learning Services

      Transform teaching to empower learners.

      Professional Learning helps shift culture, mindset and teaching practice to support defined K-12 learning outcomes.

      • Professional learning services to meet district goals
      • Educator certification to showcase achievement
      • Virtual courses provide flexible delivery options
    • Safeguard students and data.

      Security Transformation

      Safeguard students and data.

      Create the right balance of digital access and data protection with the help of Dell security solutions.

      • Keep student data secure
      • Prevent threats from disrupting learning
      • Protect data wherever it goes
    • Modernize K-12 data infrastructure.

      Data infrastructure

      Modernize K-12 data infrastructure.

      Modernize data infrastructure to deliver greater efficiency, predictability and organizational agility.

      • Data management, storage and protection
      • Converged infrastructure to simplify IT 
      • Networking solutions for the modern data infrastructure
    • Meet our education strategy experts.


      Meet our education strategy experts.

      Our K-12 Education Strategists help support school districts as they design transformational models to support student-centered learning.

      • Design learning models for future ready learners
      • Develop professional learning plans to support educators
      • Define role technology plays in empowering learning
    • Explore Tech-friendly funding

      Tech-Friendly Funding for K12 Organizations

      Find and access funds to bring your projects to life. Our funding guide provides insight into annual technology grants for public sector agencies as well as how COVID-19 relief and recovery funds can be utilized.



      K-12 districts across the country are transforming their learning environments with the goal of deepening learning for all students.

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