• Digital Cities

    Digital Cities of the Future. Built Today.

    Intel® Innovation Built-in

      Technology is powering transformation in urban environments around the world. From circular economies built around sustainable energy consumption, to seamless engagement between community and government, discover the possibilities of tomorrow’s digital cities, today. 


    • Cities of tomorrow will rely on a digital core

      Explore how technology is empowering governments, city planners, and local authorities to overcome key challenges, improve citizen quality of life and advance their communities with innovative digital capabilities.

    • Safe Cities

      Rapid urbanization presents unprecedented challenges for public safety. From healthcare to transport, housing and more, every aspect of modern urban living will need to adapt to meet the demands of a growing population.

      Find out how Dell Safe Cities Customer Ready Solutions offer highly scalable tools to tackle these challenges.

    • Urban Mobility

      As cities prepare for exponential growth, it’s clear that strong infrastructure is the lifeblood for the new era of urban living.

      Discover how Dell Technologies can help improve traffic congestion, incident monitoring and unlock modern situational awareness with Dell Urban Mobility Solutions.

    • Green and Sustainable

      To meet net-zero carbon emissions targets, modern cities need innovative and green energy solutions for all purposes

      Learn how Dell Green and Sustainable Solutions are pioneering solutions such as real-time air quality monitoring to help cities reduce C02 emissions and improve citizens' quality of life.

    • Digital Cities Accelerator

      Today’s city administrators face the unique challenge of creating safer urban environments on a scale never seen before.

      Dell Digital Cities Accelerator is purpose-built to bring enhanced situational awareness to the campus, city, or state with enhanced AI/ML analytics and secure data storage.

    • E-Government

      High-speed and secure data access is vital to the operation of modern digital government.

      From passport renewal and car registration to taxation and healthcare, discover how to deliver integrated, frictionless citizen services with the with the Dell Digital Cities Accelerator.