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In the fast paced, ever-changing world of investing, financial professionals are both the offense and last line of defence for a client's investments. They need to make informed decisions on a moments notice - because time literally is money and every second counts. There's no room for error and no excuse for delays.

Dell PrecisionTM  workstations are designed with these real-time environments in mind. Their reliability and performance can allow financial and brokerage professionals to forget about the hardware and focus on the job at hand--building their client's portfolio, protecting their dreams and securing their future.



Financial professionals have to work both sides of the financial coin, the buy side and the sell side. They have a variety of titles, securities and commodities brokers, bankers, analysts, consultants, traders and dealers. But they all need fast access to rock solid data. Crisp, easy to read graphics. Multiple monitors running concurrent programs. In a compact, quiet chassis that can easily fit into their frenzied work environments.

Dell Precision workstations are designed with flexibility and scalability in mind to help make sure they meet the needs of this wide variety of professionals. And since Dell builds systems to order, you have the ability to custom configure a workstation as unique as you are. We stay focused on our expertise so you can stay focused on yours.