Dell AX4-5F and AX4-5I

Dell AX4-5F and AX4-5I
Dell AX4-5 SAN

Simple, Scalable and Affordable

The Dell AX4-5 arrays combine low cost, easy to use features with the scalability and functionality of advanced storage arrays. Dual controller models offer the excellent availability and performance that business-critical applications require. The AX4-5 can support up to four expansion enclosures spanning up to 60 hard drives. With the ability to provide consolidated storage for up to 64 hosts, the AX4-5 can provide the headroom that will keep up with your data and application growth. With both 1Gb/s iSCSI and 4Gb/s Fibre Channel models, the AX4-5 enables organizations to choose a network interconnect that is right for their environment and needs.

Tiered Storage Options to Match Your Needs

The AX4-5 supports the simple, yet powerful concept of tiered storage by having the option to easily mix SAS drives geared for performance, as required by I/O-intensive applications, with SATA drives that deliver cost-effective capacity for backup and archiving. Also, users can migrate data between different classes of drives and RAID types, dynamically and seamlessly, helping to avoid application disruption.

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