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Dell Wyse 5212 AIO Thin Client

Any app. Any user. Any device.

Evolve from a PC ecosystem to a cloud computing model that sets people free to work where they want, how they want. Whether you’re looking for improved security, enhanced service delivery, optimized BYOD environments, enhanced workforce productivity or an easier migration from Windows XP, count on the only provider of complete, end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions. 

Wyse cloud computing  

Cloud Clients

Give your business the freedom to work on its terms.
• Enable any user, anywhere, to connect to any content without constraints, conflicts or compromises.
• Utilize powerful management and virtualization software to deliver simplicity, scalability and productivity to any cloud client-computing environment.
• Unleash the full power of high-end PCs and the security of server-based storage with cloud desktops 
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Data Center Components

Take control, drive efficiency and get the most from your IT resources.
• Improve uptime and increase availability for when your business and customers need it most.
• Automate essential tasks and reduce the complexity, risk and cost of your legacy data center.
• Monitor and manage servers, storage, and switches all from a single console.
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  wyse cloud computing

 wyse cloud computing  

Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Work freely with flexible, secure and cost-effective performance.
• Address BYOD mobile workforce challenges with robust systems management and live migration.
• Accelerate deployments with powerful, pre-integrated end-to-end solutions.
• Simplify your desktop environment and create a foundation for agile cloud client-computing.
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Drive innovation with one of the most unique and comprehensive IT services portfolios anywhere.
• Streamline operations with tailored, automated solutions for your data center and end-users.
• Maximize your infrastructure investments with enhanced management and security of your solutions.
• Realize your vision with Dell’s deep industry expertise.
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  wyse cloud computing



Wyse product Overview

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Thin Client
Wyse C Class thin client
Dell Wyse offers a wide selection of secure, reliable, cost-effective thin clients designed to easily integrate into any virtualized or web-based infrastructure, while meeting the budget and performance requirements for any application.

Wyse Product
Zero Client
Cloud client computing xenith 2
Dell Wyse zero clients are purpose-built for your particular VDI infrastructure to provide instant-on, hands-off operation, and performance that meets the demands of your most power-hungry applications.
Cloud Desktop
Cloud PC
With the full power of a high-end PC and the security of server-based content and data storage, Dell Wyse cloud PCs offer all the familiar benefits of PC computing with none of the shortcomings. It’s the PC that’s not a PC!
Cloud Connect
Dell Cloud Connect
Dell Wyse Cloud Connect allows you to securely access and share work and personal files, presentations, applications and other content from your business or your home.
Cloud Connect
Dell Cloud Connect
Dell Wyse Cloud Connect allows you to securely access and share work and personal files, presentations, applications and other content from your business or your home.
Management Software
dell wyse wdm Software
As your number of cloud clients grows, Dell Wyse offers management software that makes it easy to configure, monitor and control your Dell Wyse thin clients, zero clients and cloud PCs.

Wyse MSS
Cloud Software
Cloud Software
Dell Wyse delivers desktop and application virtualization software that allows you to virtualize desktops and applications, while providing users with a full PC experience.

Wyse Cloud
Virtualization Software
Dell Wyse Virtualization Software
Dell Wyse virtualization software allows remotely accessed applications to perform as if they were running locally on the endpoint device itself.