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Case Studies

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    Bionivid empowers researchers to drive biological breakthroughs with the Genome Station


    A start-up company in India successfully launches its genome sequencing appliance for scientific researchers with Dell OEM Solutions, reducing development costs by at least 50 percent.

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    Shanghai Oriental Pearl Media meets the growing demand for 4K content in China


    A leading provider of IPTV in China meets the growing demand for 4K content after successfully implementing Dell servers, storage and networking with the support of Dell ProDeploy.

White Paper

  1. Your Gold Medal is Waiting

    Your Gold Medal is Waiting: Find the business value in your data through modernization


    Data modernization – moving to the latest database management, business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools – is a big step that can change the way you derive value from your data. Your company can boost your competitiveness, maximize systems responsiveness and uptime, increase business agility, and go for the gold, instead of staying stuck at the starting block.

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    The Architectural Advantages of Dell SC Series Compellent Automated Tiered Storage


    SC Series automated tiered storage, called Data Progression, is built right into the virtualized storage platform and does not require additional hardware or server-side agents to operate. Automated tiered storage also integrates seamlessly with the full range of other Dell SC Series technologies to maximize storage performance, efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and manageability.

Technical Guide

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    FluidFS in a Multi-protocol (SMB/NFS) Environment

    This paper describes the network components that interface with FluidFS to provide a manageable, secure solution for sharing files in both SMB and NFS domains, and discusses best practices for deploying systems where both protocols need to access files simultaneously.

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    New economies of storage with Dell Compellent Flash-optimized solutions

    With the introduction of the Dell Compellent flash-optimized solutions, Dell changed the economics of flash storage and broke the current pricing boundaries. By offering solutions that can provide performance at the capacity and price of a rotating disk, Dell is making flash storage affordable and accessible to a broader segment of the market.

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