Dell Networking OS10

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Transform your network

Dell Networking OS10 combines the best of Linux, open computing and networking to advance open networking disaggregation.

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Networking OS 10


Open Platform Software - Hardware abstraction through common APIs

Hardware abstraction through common APIs

Dell Networking OS10 is a transformational software platform that provides networking hardware abstraction through a common set of APIs so you can:
  • Enable consistency across data center compute and network resources 
  • Incorporate compatibility into your existing network operations 
  • Enhance programmability across your environment
open platform software - Consistency across resources

Consistency across resources

Enable consistency across compute and network resources for your system operators (SysOps) groups that require server-like manageability. Dell Networking OS10 helps you:
  • Extend the Linux® experience from compute to network
  • Lower costs with common operations for optimizing and maintaining compute and network infrastructure 
  • Simplify network management, orchestration and automation using common tools
open platform software - A simple transition to open networking

A simple transition to open networking

Easily leverage your existing network configuration. Dell Networking OS10 incorporates traditional networking integration so you can:
  • Take advantage of existing network configurations and designs
  • Allow network operators to continue using command line interface commands and scripts
  • Assist your operations staff in transitioning from multiple groups to just one at their own pace as the network migrates to full open networking disaggregation
open platform software - Full programmability

Full programmability

Enhance the integration and control you allow your development and operations (DevOps) teams, down to identifying an object as an individual, manageable entity within the platform:
  • Leverage a large ecosystem of native Linux applications and automation tools to optimize your data center networks
  • Drive innovation with unmatched levels of integration capability and behavioral control
  • Future-proof your network investments with Open Compute Project compliance