PowerEdge R720xd

intel® xeon™
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Outstanding storage capacity in a 2-socket 2U rack server.

Intel® Xeon® E5-2620 processor, 16GB memory, 500GB hard drive and 3 year Pro Support warranty
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PowerEdge R720xd

Powerful and Balanced Performance

Satisfy your applications that are hungry for local storage and I/O (input/output) performance with the outstanding capabilities of the next-generation PowerEdge™ R720xd rack server.
PowerEdge r720xd — powerful and balanced performance
Performance-packed computing
Dramatically boost application performance with the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 or E5-2600v2 product family and up to 24 dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs). Built with 22-nanometer process technology and up to 12 cores per processor, it enables super-fast processing for compute-intensive tasks.
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Enormous storage capacity
Use extensive local storage to quickly access and process vast amounts of data in midsize and large enterprise data centers.
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Advanced I/O capabilities
Enhance your data center performance with the balanced, scalable I/O capabilities of the PowerEdge R720xd — including integrated PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0-capable expansion slots.
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Outstanding Server Utility

Put the power and flexibility of the PowerEdge™ R720xd rack server to work for your large mail server, web hosting, database or other enterprise-level applications.
PowerEdge R720xd - Outstanding server utility
Powerful systems management
Experience easy lifecycle manageability with intelligent hardware-driven systems administration, extensive power management and other innovative management tools
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Superb operational efficiency
Maintain high-level data center productivity, security and maintenance with next-generation reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features within the R720xd infrastructure.
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Flexible and scalable networking
Tailor your network throughput to match your application needs with features that allow you to take full advantage of your additional I/O (input/output) performance.
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The new generation PowerEdge experience

Make IT the engine for your business success. The newest generation PowerEdge family is engineered with the right combination of features and performance scalability to handle tough workloads for both large and small data center environments.

Improve operational efficiency with enhanced systems management

Streamline operations and boost productivity to get the most out of every dollar spent. Manage your Dell PowerEdge servers in complex IT environments by automating the most essential server lifecycle management tasks — deploy, update, monitor and maintain.

Global Services and Support

Dell Services can help reduce IT complexity, lower costs and eliminate inefficiencies by making IT and business solutions work harder for you. The Dell Services team takes a holistic view of your needs and designs solutions for your environment and business objectives while using established delivery methods, local talent and in-depth domain knowledge to help lower your total cost of ownership.


  • Intel® Xeon® E5-2620 2.00GHz, 15M Cache, 7.2GT/s QPI, Turbo, 6C, 95W, Max Mem 1333MHz


  • 4GB RDIMM, 1600 MT/s, Low Volt, Single Rank, x8 Data Width

Hard Drive

  • 500GB 7.2K RPM SATA 3Gbps 3.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive


  • 3 Year ProSupport and NBD On-site Service*


  • PowerEdge R720xd, Intel® Xeon® E-26XX Processors
Spoločnosť Dell ponúka širokú škálu profesionálnych služieb (v angličtine), ktoré zjednodušujú vyhodnocovanie, projektovanie, zavádzanie, riadenie a údržbu prostredia IT a pomôžu vám pri prechode z jednej platformy na inú.

Dell Enterprise – služby nasadenia
Naše komplexné služby nasadenia(v angličtine) zabezpečujú inštaláciu systému Dell PowerEdge. Konfigurácia a implementácia sú dokončené presne a rýchlo (kedykoľvek a kdekoľvek) a sú založené na overených postupoch zavedených našimi vysoko kvalifikovanými odborníkmi pri tisíckach zavádzaní.

Podpora Dell ProSupport
Podpora Dell ProSupport ponúka súbor služieb podpory(v angličtine), ktorý vám umožňuje vybrať si podporné modely na základe spôsobu používania technológií a miesta, kde chcete prideliť zdroje. Odporúčame vám podporu Dell ProSupport Plus (v angličtine) s nástrojom SupportAssist(v angličtine) pre kritické systémy alebo podporu Dell ProSupport (v angličtine) na prémiovú hardvérovú a softvérovú podporu pre riešenie PowerEdge. Pre veľkorozmerné dátové centrá vám tiež ponúkame podporu ProSupport Flex pre dátové centrá (v angličtine). Ďalšie informácie vám poskytne zástupca spoločnosti Dell*.

Školiace služby spoločnosti Dell

V rámci vzdelávacích služieb spoločnosti Dell ponúkame školiace kurzy o serveroch PowerEdge, ktoré vám pomôžu vyťažiť viac z vašej investície do hardvéru. Plán školenia je navrhnutý v spolupráci s tímom pre vývoj serverov, ako aj s tímom technickej podpory spoločnosti Dell, aby sa zabezpečilo, že školenie poskytne informácie a praktické zručnosti, ktoré vy a váš tím potrebujete na spoľahlivé nasadenie, správu a údržbu riešenia pre váš server Dell. Ak sa chcete dozvedieť viac alebo sa chcete zaregistrovať na školenie, kliknite sem (v angličtine).
Dell OpenManage Systems Management portfolio
The Dell OpenManage systems management portfolio, including Dell PowerEdge server embedded management feature integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller, helps IT Administrators efficiently manage Dell servers in physical, virtual, local and remote environments, operating in band or out of band, with or without a systems management software agent. Irrespective of the operating system or hypervisor you deploy, iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller automates the most essential and frequently performed server management tasks to help your IT resources become more productive and your IT environment more cost-effective and well-maintained. Dell OpenManage also integrates and connects to leading third-party systems management solutions you may already own, so you can maintain your single point of control and capitalize on your existing investment. 

Solutions and Systems Management

Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions
You face an expanding set of challenges for provisioning, managing and supporting end-user computing across your enterprise. Your IT team is not growing, but support requirements are more complex as you plan how best to migrate and update client systems, and secure new “smart” mobile devices.

With Dell DVS you can create a centralized end-user computing environment that streamlines desktop management and reduces maintenance burden on your IT staff. Now you can focus on important projects to improve IT services. Dell DVS solutions are completely integrated and tested solutions that are powered by advanced Dell PowerEdge rack and blade servers.

Dell’s purpose-built DVS solutions combine the performance, memory capacity and embedded hypervisor options in Dell PowerEdge servers with desktop virtualization software in optimized configurations. DVS solutions simplify deployments and accelerate your time-to-value. Dell DVS solutions deliver:
  • Simplified management: Centralized desktop management so you can support a wider range of end-user devices without incurring additional cost or complexity
  • Streamlined operations: Decoupling the operating system, applications and user data from devices reduces complexity and streamlines desktop maintenance and updates
  • Secure IP and data: Intellectual property and business data is secured and centralized reducing your vulnerabilities for data loss and unauthorized access to your network
  • Support for mobility: Provide secure access for smartphones and personal devices across your organization and externally to your contractors and partners

Dell DVS solutions are informed by more than 50,000 hours of testing and validated by implementations in organizations like yours so you can deploy with confidence.

Storage Options
With Dell Compellent, Dell EqualLogic and Dell PowerVault, we have created a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of storage products, all of which are easy to deploy, manage and grow. Whether you use network attached storage (NAS), direct attached storage (DAS), internet SCSI (iSCSI) or Fibre Channel (FC), Dell has a product that can meet your business needs and reduce the cost and complexity of storage.

The Value of Dell StorageThe Value of Dell Storage:
Dell’s open, standards-based solutions let customers of all sizes integrate new technologies without sacrificing performance or their existing IT investments.

Direct Attached StorageDirect-Attached Storage:
The Dell PowerVault MD storage family offers easy and economical expansion for Dell PowerEdge servers enabling high availability and scalability for demanding business applications.

Disk to Disk BackupDisk-to-Disk Backup
Due to expanding volumes of data that must be backed up and protected along with shrinking backup windows, many IT departments have moved to or added disk-based backups.

Network Attached StorageNetwork-Attached Storage
NAS is a specialized storage server with its own IP address that is made available to multiple clients and servers on a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN).

Object Based StorageObject-Based Storage
The Dell DX Object Storage Platform is designed to intelligently access, store, protect and distribute fixed digital content.

Storage Area NetworkStorage Area Network
A storage area network (SAN) is a network of shared storage devices, such as disk storage arrays and tape automation

Tape BackupTape Backup
Considered the first and last line of defense against data loss, tape and removable disks can be used for long-term data storage and backup.

Unified StorageUnified Storage
Unified Storage is a term that describes the ability to manage both file- and block-level data.