PowerEdge Cloud Servers

intel® xeon™

Available Models

PowerEdge C410X PCIe Expansion Chassis
PowerEdge C5000 Rack Server
PowerEdge C5125 Rack Server
PowerEdge C5220 Rack Server
PowerEdge C410x PCIe Expansion Chassis
Organizations looking for greater computational speed for oil and gas exploration, scientific research, climate simulation, gaming and other compute-intensive tasks.
PowerEdge C5000 Chassis
Maximize data center floor space with the 3U PowerEdge™ C5000 chassis. Shared infrastructure for up to 12 PowerEdge™ C microservers enhances server density and helps lower power and cooling costs.
PowerEdge C5125 Rack Microserver
Pack up to 12 Dell™ PowerEdge™ C5125 microservers in a 3U chassis to promote efficient power use and help lower costs.
PowerEdge C5220 Rack Microserver
Improve your hosting, performance, cooling and efficiency with up to 12 high-density PowerEdge™ C5220 microservers in a PowerEdge C5000 chassis.
PowerEdge C6105 Rack Server
PowerEdge C6145 Rack Server
PowerEdge C6220 Rack Server
PowerEdge C8000
PowerEdge C6105 Rack Server
Bring efficiency and lasting value to your high-end computing environment with the AMD processor-based Dell™ PowerEdge™ C6105.
  • Dell Price $1103500
PowerEdge C6145 Rack Server
Get fast answers to tough problems with the PowerEdge™ C6145, with two 4-socket AMD Opteron™ 6200 processor-based servers in 2U.
Dell PowerEdge C6220 Rack Server
Help maximize performance with the hyperscale-inspired PowerEdge™ C6220, featuring up to four independent, hot-swap, 2-socket server nodes in one 2U chassis.
PowerEdge C8000
Optimize data center space and performance with the PowerEdge™ C8000, featuring compute, GPU and storage nodes to run several workloads in one chassis.
PowerEdge C8000XD
PowerEdge C8220
PowerEdge C8220X
PowerEdge C8000XD
Maximize data center storage flexibility with up to four double-wide, hot-swap PowerEdge™ C8000XD storage nodes in one 4U C8000 Series chassis.
PowerEdge C8220
Maximize data center computing density with up to eight compact, hot-swap PowerEdge™ C8220 compute nodes in one 4U C8000 Series chassis.
PowerEdge C8220X
Maximize data center computing density with up to four double-wide, hot-swap PowerEdge™ C8220X compute GPU nodes in one 4U C8000 Series chassis.

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