Alienware Control Center, macros problem

Hey, Not sure where to post this, but I am using Alienware keyboard & mouse for my windows based PC. It is not Dell, but custom made. I have problems with the Alienware Control Center program when programming macros for online gaming. A game I play requires multiple keystrokes instead of one. When recording, the program automatically inserts up and down keystrokes of a touch of a key. That is the problem. The program won't actually allow me to program multiple keystrokes to a single macro. Single keystrokes work perfectly with the macros. When it comes to multiple keystrokes, the program doesn't like it. Is there anyway I can program multiple keystrokes using the Alienware Control Centre? Second problem is that Alienware Control Centre keeps telling me that there is an update. Even though I've updated the program. It's as if it never updates, but goes through the update process. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

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