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Area-51 R2, FIO Windows 10 error, motherboard swap (older than x99)

Trying to have Windows 10 install driver for FIO and connected logo board. The best I could do now is to have Windows 10 automatically install HID compliant vendor defined device driver and usb input device when FIO is off power but connected via usb. When FIO is powered on, there is an error of unknown USB device (descriptor request failed) in device manager. It is this bad talk and cold shoulder relationship btn mb and FIO. how to fix it and make them talk? anyway to factory reset the FIO? How does Windows 10 install driver for a detected usb device (this question originates from A1R1 MIO board)? Is the driver located in the command center folder inside program files? If someone has the driver (assuming it is independent of mb chipset), can it be posted and shared? Thanks. I am not sure my issue now has to do w my CC incompatible w MB. If Windows could not even load a working driver for FIO, how is AlienFX tester or editor even going to attempt to work? I got msg in AlienFX tester that No board detected.C681E2BF-A638-4078-8126-0EEF28DB89ED.jpegCF554607-2C37-46BD-ADDE-1ACC688394E8.jpegEF6B88E1-1B8C-4A29-A77B-DA5E3659F164.jpeg

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