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Area 51 theatre lighting problems - please help

Hope someone can help.
I've had my Alienware area 51 since June 2011 not had any problems absolute love this machine it's a beast. Thinking of adding a GTX 680 in soon and maybe an SSD drive, but the problem I'm having at the moment is with the theatre lighting. When I open the side panel on the Hard Drive bay the theatre lights come on with no problem but the theatre lighting on the component side doesn't work for some reason. I can have both sides open and only the hard drive bay lights work. Noticed this for the first time the other day not sure why this is happening I've changed the batteries but still having this problem with the theatre lighting on the components side the hard drive bay theatre lighting still works.
Please can someone help me?
Many thanks
Alienware area 51
sli 460
1tb HHD
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