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Best way to fresh install windows 10 on a m.2 ssd sata in a alienware 15 2015

Hi, i have a alienware 15, but it comes with 1tb hdd, so recently i have bought a m.2 128gb ssd from sandisk the x300, so i want to make it my boot drive for windows and make the 1tb hdd just a storage unit, anyone has done this, any tips on how to? i have seen some threads trying to do it, but always are copying the things on the hdd to ssd, i don't want that, i wanna do a fresh install on the ssd, like a new computer, i have no much expertise so i would appreciate if someone can help me on how to, greetings my friends!

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Re: Best way to fresh install windows 10 on a m.2 ssd sata in a alienware 15 2015

If M.2 SSD is PCIe/NVMe, it should be similar to this.

Maybe even easier if SATA-based (and not PCIe/NVMe). If M.2-SATA, should be like any other bare-metal system built-up over the past 10 years. However, you have to account for newer features like Legacy/UEFI , RAID/AHCI, and SecureBoot ... motherboards and Windows have been changing over the years. So, maybe I should say "like any (UEFI based) machine in past 5 years".

If PCIe/NVMe and can't get it to work ... well, I know some experienced users that had to resort to this (a clone or Image).

I like full Nuke-and-Pave clean-installed as much as the next guy, but sometimes you just gotta go with what works.

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