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Brand new laptop - GTX 970m gpu not recognized anywhere

Hi guys,

Just got a new laptop today. Alienware 17 r3. Booted it up, seemed to be working alright. I was able to play games and access the nvidia control panel. Was updating everything as recommended by windows and updated nvidia driver through the nvidia control panel and then the gpu stopped working. Everything got messed up, my keyboard stopped working to. GTX 970m not showing in device manager, just the intel.

I reset win 10. Keyboard works, but gpu isn't recognized. I can't even get GEforce or update drivers because it doesn't recognized hardware. 

It doesn't display on device manager.

Tried everything i know how to do...any help? I'm not excellent with computers. I just know the basics

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RE: Brand new laptop - GTX 970m gpu not recognized anywhere


Try a BIOS re-flash. Install the latest version of the Bios here, if the last version is already installed, then re-flash it.

If the issue persists, send me a PM with the service tag.

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