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Constant BSOD after reimaging

I recently reimaged my M17x R1 using the factory Respawn image. The factory image is Vista 64-bit and after installing all Vista updates/SPs I upgraded the OS to the windows upgrade version of Windows 7 64 bit. After installing all Windows 7 updates and SP1 and installing the latest drivers from the dell site I was getting almost constant BSODs. I used system restore to roll back to the earliest Windows 7 restore point I had and it seemed like the problem had been solved but within a day I went back to having BSODs (though much less frequently). This is not the first time I have reimaged my computer in this manner, I've done it twice before without encountering this issue.

System is currently up to date with Windows updates (except bing toolbar it keeps trying to make me download) and running the latest BIOS. The problem only seems to occur when I am actively using the computer. It does not BSOD if I am away and leave it logged in (would notice because I would no longer be logged in if there was a crash and restart). It seems to only happen when I am connected to the internet and especially when something is downloading (watching videos, updating games, etc.). Because of this, I made sure the Broadcom driver was the latest one from the Dell site but I still see the issue at least once every day since the system restore.

I hope this information is descriptive enough, please let me know if there is anything else I can include. Also attached is the .dmp from the last BSOD. Any help is appreciated, thank you all.

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