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Region price differences?

Hi there,

Here I would like to discuss the price differences of Alienware notebooks between regions.

As I was looking for a decent gaming notebook I browsed the site of dell and customized a nice 14x notebook. The price would be 1504$. After realizing I had been browsing the american I compiled the same notebook on the dutch site.

To my surprise the exact same configuration cost 2339$!

Now I know the dutch taxation system might be slightly higher than the US one, And also the market for Alienware might be bigger. But there is no way I can imagine a 55% price difference being explained without mentioning "to rip someone off".

Both the US and the Dutch sales support couldn't give me a decent explanation other than we sell more in the US.

I hope this post might awaken someone from marketing so that they can give a decent explanation or come to their senses about the in my eyes absurd pricing model.

People who might know the answer to this difference or who agree with it being absurd, feel free to join in on this topic.



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