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Windows 10 Aurora R4 Fans

Hello everyone, this is my first post here, Just wanting to let you know, when you upgrade to windows 10 ( in my case the insider verison) Your PCI fan and your Hard drive fans Will go full song all the way up to 100%. After several Days of looking into this, which about drove me crazy, I saw a post about this issue only it was for windows 8.1 and a Alienware Command Center issue. The Resolution for this happening on windows 8.1 worked for me if you are having the Fans issue. The resolution that worked for me is as follows.

Download the Most up to date version of Command Center for windows 8.1 (3.5)

Uninstall the old version with a program such as IO Bit Uninstaller, this is to make sure you get all of the registry entries off before installing the newer version. then once the uninstall and the registry edits are made, reboot the machine.

Now, once you are back to your desktop, install the newest version of Command Center, once again when it completes, reboot the machine.

And TADA no more fan noise! ( at least for me) 

I hope this helps someone if they are having this issue, or will have this issue if you decide to get windows 10 on your Aurora R4

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RE: Windows 10 Aurora R4 Fans

Thank you very much for posting this on the forum. It could prove very useful for anyone having the same problems.

Best Regards, 

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RE: Windows 10 Aurora R4 Fans

thanks for letting me know i was planning to update my own.

but when i boot the fans are at 100% power. during at least 20 seconds. Time needed for the os to boot and start command center. do you experience the same ?

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RE: Windows 10 Aurora R4 Fans

Yes same problem here, do anyone have suggestions to solve this problem?

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RE: Windows 10 Aurora R4 Fans

there isn't a one-stop source yet in order to find a fix; I & others have made suggestions in threads which you can browse. I'm not running Win10 on my R4 yet so can't easily say what the best course of action is, other than speculate; this R4 fans/Win10 issue is new, so I'm archiving all the threads in one spot in order to lay on Dell's plate so they can't ignore it. Do your best to sift through & find an answer & 'member it  ain't my fault if it's tough to solve ... but you might get lucky with the tips posted, so stay positive. All the links are at the top:

Dear Dell Aliens: how much longer are you going to ignore the R4 / Win10 / Fan Crisis


your 1st lines of defense / things I would try:

  • power dissipation 'reset' > if no good:
  • uninstall / reinstall CmndCntr > if no good:
  • perhaps uninstall CmndCntr 1st > do a jumper reset > reinstall CmndCntr
  • some users report that entering CmndCntr Thermals menu, set fan control to manual > set fans to 5%-10%, restart & leave the setting or gradually increase % setting as you look to restore normal operation
  • if you have your own method that fixed your fans, post them in this thread or create your own

Note: never install CmndCntr from the Resource DVD or the MIO board will probably 'brick' / 'ruined'. Always get your CmndCntr download from your Dell.com drivers/apps page:

Alienware Desktops MIO (Master Input/Output) Troubleshooting & Policy

Desktop Command Center Issues with fans, lights, or vents

Correct procedure to reinstall Command Center on Area-51 and Aurora systems

1. Uninstall Command Center from the Control Panel > Programs and Features.

2. Open My Computer, click Folder and Search Options, choose the View Tab and enable Show hidden files and folders. Click OK.

3. Go to C:/Program Data/Alienware/Command Center/Thermal Controls and delete the Profile.xml file.

4. Go to C:/Users/<account name>/AppData/Local/Alienware/Alienware AlienFX/Themes and delete all *.ath files.

5. Verify that the device manager doesn't have any unknown devices under Universial Serial Bus Controllers. If there are unknown devices see note

6. Restart the computer.

7. Download the latest version of Command Center available and run it.

8. Complete the Alien Command Center installation by answer Yes to all dialogue pop-ups. During the installation process, the Master I/O board firmware will be updated. Do not shut down the computer at this time. If the firmware update process fails, please contact Alienware for support.

9. Restart the computer.

10. Verify that there are no Unknown devices under Universal serial Bus Controllers. If there are unknown devices see the note below.

11. Launch Command Center

Note: If there are unknown devices on the device manager, or no device is detected please do the following: a. Verify the Master I/O board USB cable is properly connected to the motherboard and to the Master I/O board. b. Drain the MB power for 1 minute.

guide below was created & posted by an owner who doesn't mind editing the registry; if editing the registry makes you want to faint, skip step #3:

"The steps below may not be necessary but I like to make sure all the junk from left over programs is completely removed.

1. Uninstall Command Center via control panel -Programs and Features-(do not reboot when asked).

1A. Go to C:\ProgramData\Alienware and delete Alienware folder (if it is there)

1B. Go to C:\Users\xxxYour Account Name Folderxxx\Appdata\local\Alienware (delete AW folder if it is there)

1C. Go to C:\Users\xxxYourAccount Name Folderxxx\Appdata\roaming\Alienware (delete AW folder if it is there)

2. Download and Run CCleaner's registry cleaner to remove left over keys from the old Command Center uninstall. { http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner }

3. Open Regedit (Winkey + R...Type Regedit), press control + F. In find what type Alienware and make sure the keys, data, and value is checked and click find next. After deleting each object (key, value, or data) related to Alienware press F3 to find the next Alienware location and delete. Repeat until done. DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING IN THE SYSTEM INFORMATION FOLDER WHEN YOU GET THERE.

4. Download and install the latest AW Command Center from Dell's website. Search by your service tag. Then reboot when prompted

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RE: Windows 10 Aurora R4 Fans

it says

7. Download the latest version of Command Center available and run it.

Where do I download it?  When I go to alienware support and it finds all the software and drivers for my Aurora R4 the Command Center does not come up.  I am running windows 10 64 bit.  Is there a link to the latest Command Center where I can download it and try this fix for the fans?  

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RE: Windows 10 Aurora R4 Fans

My path to W10 on my R4 was an in-place upgrade from W7 last weekend; I had CmndCntr 3.5 pre-installed on my W7 image which carried over to W10 & I did not experience fan issues; however, if need be I can flip-flop to CC3.6, down to CC3.0 etc if my fans go haywire at startup as others have reported, in an attempt to find a cure which Dell/Alienware will neither provide nor acknowledge nor spell-out step-by-step for us. R4 can use five different CC versions, for trouble-shooting & finding the version with the least amount of issues, here:

  • 3.6  3.5  3.0  2.08.11  2.08.09 
  • Try to run these in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode (2.08.09 = W7 Comp Mode)
  • 'enable' .netframework 3.5 when needed, through Windows 10 features etc
  • IIRC, some R1 R2 R3 models are locked out of higher / newer CC3.X versions; if so, you will get an error @ install, 'platform not compatible' or similar; in that case, install the highest numerical version your model is capable of installing

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RE: Windows 10 Aurora R4 Fans

This worked for me with version 3.5. Thank you very much.
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