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How to download named file using access token?


I'd like to be able to use an access token in a URL to enable an anonymous user to download a file only once, directly from Atmos. However, I think I can only get it named as the object id.

Is there any way I can pass a disposition? Alternatively, can I generate a shareable URL that can only be used a single time?

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Ephraim Mower

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Re: How to download named file using access token?

You can let non-authenticated users to upload data to or download data from Atmos by:

"Using shareable URL's" - Allows anonymous users to download one file/object. The URL expires at a predetermined time.


"Using access tokens for anonymous upload and download" - Allows anonymous users to upload or download one file/object as defined by the access token.

A sharable URL has the following syntax:


Hope this helps

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