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Automated Provisioning SAN Disk Using Script or Program

Hi All,

I am jefri from Indonesia.

Want to ask and need advice from you all.

is it possible to provisioning SAN disk storage in automation ?

if possible, how to do it ?

Please kindly advice. thank you

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Hello Jefri Setifanus,

Which san storage device do you have as you didn’t state that in your post?  It might be possible on some storage systems, but we need to know which storage system you have.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Hi Sam,

Thank you for your update,

we have storage UNITY550F.

Thank you

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Hi Jefri,

Here are the community versions of Python SDK and Ansible:

Please note that these are community maintained & supported projects. Dell EMC is not responsible for any of the above.

I also see REST API, SMI-S, Unisphere CLI for Unity here:



Hi Frank,

Thanks for your information, my team will explore first about this automation.

Please kindly help us if any questions.



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apologies for the late response on this one, absolutely it's possible to provision storage via scripts and automation utilities.  Each Dell EMC array provides a REST API interface and most also provide an SDK or Integration Utilities for use with tools such as vRO, Ansible or via Python scripts.

Please see

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your information, my team will explore first about this automation.

I hope this automation is supported from DELLEMC.

Please kindly help us if any questions in do automation. Thanks

Hi Jefri,

Additionally, you can refer to below links for more details around

REST API with DellEMC Storage

Ansible with DellEMC Storage

I also have created a few Ansible playbooks and REST API collection for Postman, which will give you enough details to get started quickly.

Feel free to reach out in case you need any further help around automation with DellEMC systems.

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