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Avamar GLR with Exchange 2010


I have the following environment:

  • Avamar 6.1 grid
  • exchange server in AD root domain
  • users in AD child domain, with the mailboxes on the Exchange server in the root domain

I configured all the needed stuff for GLR and this looks to be working fine. the problem I have is that when I want to browse the backup, it will only show the users inside the root domain and not the users inside the child domain. in the avmapi.log I also see the following error for all users inside the child domain:

avexchglr Warning <0000>: The mailbox address "/O=EHLO INC/OU=EXCHANGE ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=SVC.CHILD7FF" associated with Exchange user "svc.child" at backup time is no longer associated with a domain user account and will be excluded.

it is very clear what the problem is, but I have no idea how to also be able to see the child domain users from the inventory!



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Re: Avamar GLR with Exchange 2010

Found the solution for this issue. Please check my blog at mennodeliege.nl only thing I forgot was the installation of a hotfix.

regards Menno

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