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Functionalities present in Networker not present in Avamar

We recently got hold of some Avamar units as part of agency merger. And seeing that with Avamar we are getting all the plugins and modules (for which we have to pay extra with Networker) we decided to move off of Networker+Tape backup solution to Avamar only solution.

But I am finding some of the functionalities which are present in Networker like Checkpoint based backups (where I can tell Networker to mark a checkpoint after every folder) and number of client retires completely absent from Avamar.

I understand that Avamar only backs up the changes and can rescan the files in case of failed backups much faster (partial backup). But on a file server with close to 6 million files this will still takes a considerable amount of time (I know I should move to NAS solution but customer doesn't want to do this anytime soon as the fileservers are working fine now).

Does anyone know any specific reason why these functionalities might not be included in Avamar or am I missing something?

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