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M8024-K problem with 10G Base-T Module.


I'm having this problem on the blade system:

When using M8024-K without external modules works fine, when adding the 10G base-T modules the two switches become unresposive. I updated CMC to 4.11,    switches to  but the same issue. here are some pictures of this problem:      

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Re: M8024-K problem with 10G Base-T Module.

It is recommended that Ethernet Port modules are only installed or replaced when the M8024 switch is removed from the blade chassis or when the blade chassis is powered down. This is because the M8024 switch is a hot-pluggable device but the Ethernet port modules are not hot-pluggable.

You might try reseating the external modules.

Make sure you have compatible cables connected to the module.

Have you saved the log to a text file and cleared the CMC log?  Then see if the warnings persist once the log has cleared.

You can view, save a text file version of, and clear the hardware log in the CMC Web interface.

To view the hardware log:

1. Log in to the CMC Web interface.

2. Click Chassis in the system tree.

3. Click the Logs tab.

4. Click the Hardware Log sub-tab. The Hardware Log page displays.

To save a copy of the hardware log to your managed station or network:

Click Save Log. A dialog box opens; select a location for a text file of the log.

NOTE: Because the log is saved as a text file, the graphical images used to indicate severity in the user interface do not appear. In the text file, severity is indicated with the words OK, Informational, Unknown, Warning, and Severe.

The date and time entries appear in ascending order. If <SYSTEM BOOT> appears in the Date/Time column, it means that the event occurred during shut down or start up of any of the modules, when no date or time is available.

To clear the hardware log:

Click Clear Log.

NOTE: The CMC creates a new log entry indicating that the log was cleared.

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Re: M8024-K problem with 10G Base-T Module.


Did you get any resolution to this problem? I have exactly the same situation.


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