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reset m1000e

Could you please provide documentation on how to reset the m1000e & CMC's to as shipped factory conditions, so that when it is turned on it again, it requests language selection, and requests DHCP or static IP for initial IP connectivity.
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Kong Yang
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RE: reset m1000e

@jbloom42- The best documentation that I found was at:


And the command that you want to issue is:

racadm racresetcfg [-m ] where module is [ chassis, kvm, server-n where n= 1 - 16]

Below is the complete description of the subcommand.
NOTE: To use this subcommand, you must have Administrator privilege.
NOTE: Power off the chassis before running this command.

Removes all database property entries on the CMC or iKVM and restores the default factory configuration. After restoring the database properties, the CMC resets automatically. The iKVM also resets automatically when racresetcfg is used to restore its default properties.

NOTICE: This command deletes your current CMC configuration and resets the CMC and serial configuration to the original default settings. After reset, the default name and password are root and calvin, respectively, and the IP address is If you issue racresetcfg from a network client (for example, a supported Web browser or Telnet/SSH), you must use the default IP address.

racadm racresetcfg [-m ]

Table A-26 describes the racresetcfg subcommand options.

Table A-26. racresetcfg Subcommand Options

Option Description
Specifies the module whose database properties you want to reset.

may be any of the following:

server-n where n=1 - 16
Default: chassis

racadm racresetcfg -m kvm

The configuration has initiated restoration to factory defaults.
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