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Dell/EMC CX300 SAN reports 901 Hard SCSI Bus error on Vault 0


I have a CX300 SAN I am trying to keep running for a while longer.

Recently, drive 0 (the first vault drive) reported a 901 Hard SCSI Bus error and has an orange light. I have plenty of spares of that drive type so I inserted one. The drive light was green and blinked for about a minute and then went orange as well. Same error. Tried a third drive, same thing.

So I am suspecting that the issue is with the fibre channel connector on the unit, which sounds like a major problem. However, maybe there is something I am overlooking or could try that has worked for others in the past to revive that bus?

Here is the full message I receive via email:

Time Stamp 07/06/17 15:24:51 (GMT) Event Number 901

Severity Error Host CX300-SPB

Storage Array APM000*******4 SPB Device Enclosure 0 Disk 0

Description Hard SCSI Bus Error

Thanks for any ideas!


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Re: Dell/EMC CX300 SAN reports 901 Hard SCSI Bus error on Vault 0

The 901 Hard SCSI BUS Error can be caused by a number of issues other than a bad drive. It could be the FC interface between the Storage Processor and the drive.

In the Event Log, you should see the complete error message - the secondary numbers in that message can provide clues to where the issue is. Copy/Paste the whole error here.


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