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Need help in setting up a clone

Looking for the steps involved in setting up a clone on a HP-UX server.  The storage array is a CX4-960.  I have it already setup on a cx700 from a few years ago, I am looking for the steps involved to automate this thru a script.

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Re: Need help in setting up a clone

DTP, there are some examples in the navicli manual for snap view, which can be found on powerlink.

Navigate to

Home > Support > Technical Documentation and Advisories > Software ~ S ~ Documentation > SnapView > Maintenance/Administration

and look at the top cli manual.


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Re: Need help in setting up a clone


If you just want to set up clone.

1.Set up a Clone private LUN of 128 MB (Min).

2.Create a clone group

3.Select the Lun to be cloned

4.Now Select the Target Lun

all source and target should be defined in storage groups.

dont set the sync rate to high this may impact the array perfomance.

when the initial sync is done break the clone and present it to a secondary server using admsnap util.Also it good to flush (admsnap)the primary host i/o before breaking the clone.

The above are the basic steps involved

check this post for ths commands try to use somthing like perl to automate it


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