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Power down guide for VNX block device

I know the power down guide come in the link below .

DAE and DPE  do not have rocker/micro switches to power down.

My understanding  is that system will auto boot when we connect the system to power  (DAE first and DPE last).

Experts out there, I would appreciate your help.

Will system power off via Unisphere UI will turn DAE and DPE off and the LEDs will be turned off ? Is there any other way to power down and restart the system  if the power off and restart do not work as explained on the manual above?

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The DPE will be powered off but DAE's will remain powered on until you intervene.

There will be some LEDs on that indicate whether the system is ready for the switches on the DPE to be turned off.

You can get detailed instruction by creating a doc on


Unable to view the document 


Hello mutthu,

Here is a link to a kb for VNX power up/down procedures.

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