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Trouble configuring and getting help with Celerra NX4 and VNXe3100.

Hello all!

This is my first post here. I have not studied the forums too much so please forgive my etiquette or lack thereof. I have very little experience with EMC, but recently purchased a Celerra NX4 and a VNXe3100.  I will try to detail my situation as best as I can. I have been trying to use the live chat, reading documentation, and contacting my EMC rep and my storage rep at CDW that helped me with this purchase. None have been very helpful thus far. It has been suggested by live chat support that they will help with break fixes, but not configuration. Configuration requires the assistance of paid professional services support. I hope my understanding of these 2 units becomes more clear through this experience and not so vague and no one to turn to for help without costing an arm and a leg.  Anyway here are my issues/questions. Thanks in advance for reading and thank you for any help you can offer!

Enabling NFSv4:

The NX4 was purchased to provide storage for our VMware hosts (we currently have 4). We are using both iscsi and NFSv3(v3 was enabled and we just started using it not realizing that we probably should have been using v4). It has been working quite well serving exports and LUNs to our Hosts and VMs. We want to be able to mount an NFS export directly on a Win2k8 server which apparently required NFSv4. Both NFS and iscsi were provisioned using the same subnet on a single dedicated storage switch. No jumbo packets enabled, No VLANs separating NFS from iSCSI. I know I should probably have dedicated switches for iSCSI and NFS, but I am operating with a limited budget, and this isn't the main concern for me at this point anyway. The challenge I am facing is this: How do I enable NFSv4 while maintaining my production NFS exports? The documentation states that I have to input "hivers=4" into the /nas/server/slot_2/config file but doesn't really state how to go about doing this. I am very illiterate when it comes to UNIX shell and have googled syntax for viEDIT. All that is in the file is "nfs config" and a bunch of blue tildes. Where can I see exactly what the nfs config file is supposed to look like? And if I reboot the datamover (server_2) will the server_3 pickup right where server_2 left off?

Enabling Replication:

Here is where the VNXe comes into play. We want to replicate our file systems to a DR site. I will be doing this with the following config. I can't get the data movers to see interconnects. The network servers can see each other fine.

a. 1 – 5412zl switch (production network switch)

               i.      Ports H1, H3 are tagged for VLAN 80

b. 1 – 2810 switch (dedicated for storage networking on NX4)

               i.      Port 24 tagged VLAN 80

  1. Uplinked to 5412 port H1

               ii.      Port 12 untagged VLAN 80

  1. connected to cge0 on NX4 (

c. 1 – 2810 switch (dedicated for storage networking on VNXe)

               i.      Port 18 tagged VLAN 80

  1. uplinked to 5412 port H3

               ii.      Port 13 untagged VLAN 80

  1. connected to eth2 on VNXe (

If I place a laptop on an untagged port assigned to VLAN 80 on either 2810 and give it a 192.168.75.X/24 address I can ping either interface fine. I can assign VLAN 80 an ip address on either switch and ping those with the laptop fine as well. While on an SSH session on the NX4 I can ping all interfaces except for the VNXE. It does not respond to the NX4.  I cannot get SSH enabled on the VNXe or else I would report the result on ping from that device as well.

That's about it for now. Any tips, hints, advice, suggestions, words of wisdom you can offer on how to best to become educated and fluent in EMC or help with these specific issues please enlighten me!


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Re: Trouble configuring and getting help with Celerra NX4 and VNXe3100.

Hi JJ,

We're going to move this discussion over to the Celerra Support Forum where it can be better viewed and answered by product experts.


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Re: Trouble configuring and getting help with Celerra NX4 and VNXe3100.

Hello JJ,

This has been moved to the celerra support forum where it can receive an expedited response.

Thank You,


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