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Windows BranchCache services for DART

Does anybody know, when EMC will add the server part of the BranchCache functionality (see BranchCache in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Overview in the Windows 7 Technical Library http://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/dd349336.aspx) into DART?

We're on the way to deploy WIndows7 to our customers and we have a lot of them in small branch offices with very limited bandwidth to our Celerras. It would help a lot because else people will place additional cache servers between the branch offices and the fileservers which will add a lot of complexity and troubles.

Hosted Cache service would be nice as soon as we place smaller Celerras in two of the larger offices because we don't want to select manually which files to keep mirrored in several places.

Thanks for your help, urle
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Re: Windows BranchCache services for DART


my company is responsible for the project "Herkules". This project´s goal is to modernize the IT-infrastructure of the Bundeswehr ( German army). We have more than 1.500 locations (>200.000 users) with very different WAN-bandwidths, so the BranchCache functionality would be an essential improvement for the fileservice we provide.

The deployment of Windows 7 will start in about 6 months. So my question is, when will the BranchCache functionality be developed by EMC²?

Thank for your help,
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Re: Windows BranchCache services for DART

I would suggest to open a Product Enhancement Request (PER) through Powerlink as well as working with your local sales team.

Just go to Powerlink Home > Support > Request Support > Request a Product Enhancement and fill in the details.
That goes to product management and gets reviewed regularly.
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