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CMCNE License


I'm interested in differences between cmcne enterprise and plus licenses. can someone help? 

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Re: CMCNE License

Hi, CMCNE v14.4.3 is available in SAN management versions. There are license options to enable some, all, and / or upgrade functionality. CMCNE Professional Edition: no charge, intended for smaller fabrics, departmental switches only. CMCNE Professional Plus Edition: Medium-sized businesses or departmental storage networks. Very similar in functionality to the Enterprise version but limited in features/scalability. CMCNE Enterprise Edition: a comprehensive fabric management framework for the end-to-end management. The differences can found ion the release notes: https://support.emc.com/docu90852_Connectrix-Manager-Converged-Network-Edition-14.4.3-Release-Notes.... Regards, Ed Schulte
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