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Connection issue or port problems follow the Pre SFP Replacement Procedure

Our goal...

In the case of connection failure and or suspect SFP failure to get your environment back up and working as quickly as possible.

To give a simpler process for engaging with EMC Remote support and hopefully reduce the time to get to the root cause of the issue.

There can be many reasons why you could encounter a connection issues.

These can vary from Hardware/Software, some examples are listed below:

  • Server HBA
  • Cabling infrastructure
  • End device configuration and compatibility
  • Inter switch link issues
  • Fabric performance
  • Firmware
  • Other symptoms like: Faulty port, port fault, port_flt, link down, sfp fault, port errors, crc errors, switch port fault laser_flt

The following are initial steps that can be done by the user to troubleshoot the issue and also to possibly recover the connection in far less time when compared to replacing the SFP without investigation.

Things to be considered prior to Troubleshooting:

  • Verify that the switch port is administratively up (unblocked, no shut) or enabled.
  • Make sure there are redundant paths available to attached device before proceeding.

The following solution offers a step by step account of how the troubleshooting process should be implemented and the considerations that need to be made in relation to differing switch environments:



After initiating the above flowchart you should have the following available to present to EMC should you need to open a service request for SFP replacement or if further troubleshooting is required:

     - Error message reflecting to problem port.

     - Switch logs pre troubleshooting taking place.

     - Switch logs post troubleshooting. (as per flow chart; SFP swapped/cable connection moved, error counters cleared and 4-6 hours post troubleshoot)

     - Port status post troubleshooting.

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Very helpful~

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Re: Pre SFP Replacement Procedure

General message to people please let us know your thoughts on this... is this helpful what else would you like to see in this type of format?

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Re: Pre SFP Replacement Procedure

like the content and really like the links referencing the procedures/tools.

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Re: Pre SFP Replacement Procedure

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Re: Connection issue or port problems follow the Pre SFP Replacement Procedure

Hey George, was the last entry a typo? ;-)



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Re: Connection issue or port problems follow the Pre SFP Replacement Procedure

It was a test from the EMC mobile app. Not sure what wrong. Put something in Mike performance one also so will check that now also.

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