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Dell Gift Card fraud

I too have had my Dell Gift card balance used in a fraud transaction.  My gift card was not lost or stolen, but Dell can see it was not used in my account as it always had been before.  Dell refuses to do anything about it.

As others have mentioned, it appears Dell's gift card database has been hacked or breached and they are not helping the victims.

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Additional information:  a quick review of just this forum reveals at least 4 other people with the exact same physical gift card complaint during July 2016. 

The fraud on my card was used to purchase something shipped to Oregon also, near Portland (Tualatin, OR). 

Multiple calls to Dell "order verification department" go nowhere.

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further review shows 6 other people on this forum complaining of Dell physical gift card fraud during July 2016.  There are very few complaints of this nature prior to this month.

Dell you have an issue!

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Hello!  I would send a private message to Dell-Robert P. with your account information and see if he can help you out or direct you to the appropriate area. You can do that by clicking here 

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Hi EricShunne,

Thank you for posting your unauthorized Dell Gift Card purchase on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board and bringing your concerns to our attention. Please reply to my email and provide the requested information, including front and back snap shots of the purchased card. I will forward your concerns to the promotional marketing department who is currently looking into this matter.


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