Fraud Dell and its fraud commitments...

I am having a Dell Inspiron 5558 purchased from an authentic dell dealer in India. Few days ago I got an issue in my laptop that the power button stopped working. I tried pressing the power button but due to some issue it was not getting pressed at all. To have my issue resolved i contacted dell support. I discussed the details regarding the issue with the person on call and he told me that a service request will be submitted on my behalf. After discussing the major issue he asked me do I have any other issue in my laptop on which I told him that recently i have observed that my charging pin is not getting inside the socket completely but the laptop is still getting charged and i am not worried about it. Its not a complete show stopper for me as the power button issue is my major concern.

The next day I got the call from Dell support saying that they are cancelling my request as they are suspecting that there is some physical damage done to the laptop charging port.

I tried to ask him is it some kind of joke because you guys are cancelling my request for some issue which is not even primary issue for me. Also I have been told that I need to pay charges for the service that they will be giving as it is a issue of physical damage. 

Now please tell me what is the point of having a warranty if the user is treated like this. Also how support team can judge that whether it is a physical damage or manufacturing defect without even inspecting it.

I also suspect that the dell support is doing this to divert the attention from the major issue of power button which is very common in Dell Inspiron 5558 model. Kindly check the Url en.community.dell.com/.../19995376

I highly regret for choosing dell that I heard very high about. The services provided is painful and not of supportive nature.

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