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More lies by the incompetent customer service, ( Round 2 ! )

So, after going through the initial round of lies and empty promosies, I did eventually recieve the items ordered. Wishing the suffering ended? nope, one of the 2 GPU ordered was defective ( does not boot or post screen ) so I returned it. 

A customer service " suprvisor " Syed Ismail e-mailed me and told me that he would be assiting me through the process. I was thinking, wow, maybe they do care ! So I went ahead and made the return. 

I was offered $75 credit on 6/23 for the fist round of lies that I went though, ( service reps lied about shipping date, manager call back did not happen, clueless on where my order is ) which was supposed to be processed when the item shipped. ( it did not happen ) 

So I wrote customer service asking where my $75 credit was, and I was told that since I returned the item, no credit could be given. 

WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED OF THIS? WHY DID THE SUPERVISOR ASSISTING ME NOT TELL ME?  do they expect me to keep a defective item just so I can keep the $75 credit?  The customer service rep I spoke too seems to be unable to comprehend what I was teling them, and just repeated the same thing over and over again ( probably from a training manual ) 

So here I am again, waiting for a " supervisor " to call me back regarding the issue, freaking awesome. 

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RE: More lies by the incompetent customer service, ( Round 2 ! )

Welp, a supervisor did just call me and offered a $50 credit. Given the situation ( credit offered based on value of functioning item kept ) 

I guess this is a acceptable conclusion to this whole experiance, I really wish the item did just arrive on time, and I didn't have to jump through so many hoops just to set things right.