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Precision M6700 supported CPUs

I have a Precision M6700 without a CPU or GPU.

I installed a Intel I7-3630qm and try to get it running. Does not seem to work. The processor works fine on a Toshiba laptop from which it came.

When I power on there is nothing in the display - he screen is blank, so is any external VGA monitor.But the power button light is on and stays on. No other beeps or lights.

I did BIST and the screen seems to be good  - I get alternating RBGWB color screens without any lines etc. (As described in )

1.  What are all the Intel I7 processors supported on M6700?

Prefer quad core, but I can settle for 22nm (or below) dual core/4 threads cpus also.

2. The installed CPU has integrated graphics. Why do I need an add-on GPU (MXM 3.0, I suppose) then?

I also removed and reseated the cmos battery to ensure the BIOS has the defaults assuming that doing so will default to CPU graphics capability.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I do not do much of graphics work, need lot of cpu cycles and memory.


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RE: Precision M6700 supported CPUs

That CPU will work fine on an M6700 -- less clear is whether it'll start up with a missing GPU.  It WILL run if the GPU dies - on the integrated graphics -- but it may in fact not pass POST without a recognized GPU aboard.  That side of things isn't clear (though your experience suggests the GPU must be there for the system to boot up -- assuming your system doesn't have a GPU.

These weren't shipped from the factory with integrated-only graphics.

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RE: Precision M6700 supported CPUs

Ok, thanks.

I figured out that I need a video card.


Here is my current config on the M6700:

Intel cpu as above

16GB of supported memory

AMD ATI FIREPRO M5950 VIDEO CARD ( from a Dell M4600).


Now, the screen still passed BIST.

The screen lights up, but is completely blank.

I do not want to spend hundreds of $$ on the video card something I will not need.

How can I make this work with this video card.

Is there a way to update the BIOS (say over network) without a video card installed or update the bios to recognize this video card?


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RE: Precision M6700 supported CPUs

This is solved by myself .

Had bad incompatible memory. The memory works on a Toshiba.

Once, I replaced the memory, it was all good. No need for any graphics cards either. It used the CPU graphics features.

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