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Rotten service & support

On 2/9 Dell sent a technician to my house to replace the on/off switch in my Studio XPS7100. I could tell he was not very knowledgeable trying to take the side panel off. I had to remind him to unplug it. In replacing the switch he broke a wire on the new one. He had to reinstall the old switch. He has all kinds of trouble plugging the switch in. After he was done he started up the computer and it was dead no OS. He ran diagnostics it said bad hard drive. He put on his coat and left. I got back in contact with dell support about my problem. They said they would send me a new hard drive. I asked them to overnight it they sent it two day express with week day delivery only. So I got my new hard drive on monday the 15th. I told them I would put it in myself. After three days of installing my mirror image I finally got my computer up and running on the 18th.I asked support because of time lost and all the problems how about sending me a 2TB instead of the 1TB they said no. How about extending my warranty they said no. After all of this I am left with loss of computer for 9 days and I get nothing. I think later this year its is time for a "MAC"


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RE: Rotten service & support

Hi Dickpara, 

Thank you for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board and bringing your experience to my attention. Please accept my sincere apologies for any difficulties you may have encountered during your interactions with Dell up to this point. While I realize that only our future service opportunities can restore your confidence in us completely, I want to assure you our success has arisen from our ability to consistently meet our customers' needs, and Dell always aims to provide a purchase or service experience that is both satisfying and enjoyable. 

I was especially concerned to read that a Dell representative provided you with anything less than the most courteous and professional service. We trust our onsite field agents are knowledgeable in the repair of our products. I am forwarding your comments through Dell to the local provider's office. Often the local tech company manager contacts our customers and may offer to send a different technician with parts needed to fix the issue.

We appreciate you as our customer, but unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to extend your warranty or upgrade any parts. Please be assured that Dell is fully committed to supporting your system in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of your warranty and Service Agreement.  

I trust this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact me if I may be of any additional assistance my replying to my email.

Thank you,

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