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Warranty Scam - PLEASE Be aware!

Dear Dell,

I have been a long time VERY loyal customer.  Over the 15+ years I've done business with you I have personally purchased over $10k in DELL products as a home user, not a business.  I have contributed to sales equal to or greater than that via recommendation to friends and families.  You make great computers and have always been spot on when I needed support.   When my wife dropped her Dell XPS 18 All-in-One you replaced it.  Given that my wife is often in situations where her computer could be compromised I opted to extend for 2 years the warranty.  Apparently you were not clear that the $350 I spent to extend the warranty for 2 years does no cover comprehensive protection.  Therefor you now have $350 of my money that I intended to have cover accidents that will never be covered.  Apparently, based on my phone call today, I can pay you an additional $230 and you will kindly put the accident rider on the device.  

So that I can verify my math; you are asking me to pay you nearly $600; the cost of a brand new replacement laptop, on the risk that we may or may not have and accident and need repairs.  Yes I know how insurance works and as such I have learned two lessons.  First; I won't buy electronics insurance that is equal to or greater than the cost of a replacement.  Secondly, It is time to be a consumer and not a loyalist; Those Surface tablets and the Lenovo computers look very promising.

I'll be posting this on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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RE: Warranty Scam - PLEASE Be aware!

I would not define this as a scam. Perhaps the representative was not clear in the policy. The Accidental Damage Service is only available during the period of the standard Enhanced Support warranty. You cannot buy "only" the Accidental Damage Service warranty. It must be purchased in conjunction with the standard Enhanced Support warranty. So if you initially paid for 3 years standard Enhanced Support warranty and 3 years Accidental Damage Service warranty, you cannot add year 4 and 5 of just the Accidental Damage Service. If within 30 days from the $350 purchase date, you may contact Order Support and ask them if they can rescind the $350 warranty and refund you.

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