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estimated delivery date

I've had the same problem i ordered mine 3/08 and they estimated my delivery date 3/18-3/23. Ok so first off that was unexpected but I guess 15 days isnt all that bad to wait. so the 18th came and nothing not even a shipping notification. "still in production". On the 21st I finally got an update stating "estimated delivery date 3/21 (updated)". So i assumed it was arriving that day the day passed and nothing. On the 23rd I called dells customer support and I was told it was expected the 23rd but had not been shipped yet. So unless the manufacturing facility was across the street I doubt this information was relevant. So its the 24th today and have not received my laptop and worst of all have not received any updated status. "estimated delivery date 3/21 (updated)" still appears when I search my order number, and It seems like such an insult. Dell is just saying "you'll get it eventually" which is fine and dandy but I have an Immediate use for it coming up. This is my first dell computer, and so far I am not impressed with the way they treat customers and how they process orders. I hope this doesn't keep up because I will probably just end up cancelling my order and going with a more trustworthy company.

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RE: estimated delivery date

Hi labcorp55, 

Thanks for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. Dell does not offer shipping or delivery date guarantees.  Any shipping information provided on our website or by sales representatives is an estimate only and subject to change based upon availability.

 I can look into the order delay on your behalf. Please reply to my email and provide the requested information so I may access  your account records. 


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