Dell PowerVault MD3620i - 512e SAS Disks



We have recently bought a batch of Seagate 2.5" SAS disks to use in our Dell MD3620i.


Our current disks are '512 bytes' but the new disks we have bought are 512e/4Kn. 


When plugging the new disks into the SAN, we get an error message saying they are 'uncompatible'. I have been told by a dell technician that this could be because the 3620i is only compatible with disks of a physical sector size of 512 but I am yet to find any documentation online that backs that up. The technician also mentioned that the fact they were not 'Dell Certified' disks should NOT be a showstopper as that is just a recommendation.


Does anybody know if MD3620i are compatible with disks that have anything other than a physical sector size of 512 bytes?


We have been told we can't return them because they've been opened so it's either get to the bottom of this or look at buying a new SAN that is compatible.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Dell PowerVault MD3620i - 512e SAS Disks


These are the only supported drives Page 20 https://topics-cdn.dell.com/pdf/powervault-md3200_support-matrix_en-us.pdf

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