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openldap authentication on Data Domain

Anyone have any insite on how to setup openldap on datadomain appliance?


i have set my base dn  and bind dn user but it doesn't seem to allow me to login with a user from my ldap.

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Hello @scuzy 

Hope you are doing fine below is the DataDomain Operating System Administration Guide which talks about how to setup LDAP in order to add an Openldap server page 113+, there are no specific information out there so I would recommend to kindly open a case directly with backup/dd team to get a faster answer if needed.


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i have read the manual and open a ticket. No one seems to know exactly what to do. This seems to be not documented properly. I have check the logs and see that the bind user was able to search the ldap.

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If you need assistance with the case # let me know, if it already has an engineer then you should be good. Documentation or an answer should be given.

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never got an answer for <Service request number removed>

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