Just installed DPA 6 and getting error(s) after installation

I just installed the newest version of DPA (v 6.0.0 build 69322) on a VM.

The config is

Windows 2008R2

C drive of 40gb

D drive of 500gb - DPA is installed ion the D drive.

Doing a combined installation,.

I ran thru the installation did a reboot and I cannot get into the app so I can do the migration.

Upon opening the webpage at port 9002 & 9004 I am getting the EMC DPA page and it says "checking server status" and I cannot login to the app to start finishing up my work. I can reboot and it says the same thing?? I watched all the installtion videos and went thru the documentation and I cannot figure out how to get into the app.


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Re: Just installed DPA 6 and getting error(s) after installation

It sounds like the application server is failing to start up correctly. You can confirm this by checking the \Program Files\EMC\DPA\services\applications directory. In here you will notice some files with either a .deployed extension or a .failed extension. If there are .failed files then the application server is not starting up correctly (even though the service may be running).

If you have these .failed files then check the \Program Files\EMC\DPA\services\logs directory for the server.log file and see if you can spot any specific error messages that seem relevant. However your best course of action if getting .failed files is to log a ticket with EMC support.

Hope that helps!


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