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Cylance and McAfee antivirus


I checked the Threat Prevention msi properties from the child installer and it is possible to add TP, web filtering and firewall modules at the time of installng McAfee. We use Forticlient as a firewall and web filtering so we are deploying policy based encryption and Advance Threat Prevention (Cylance) in all laptops.

I would like to know if it is advisable to have installed two anti-malware solutions (TP + ATP) at the same time?

This is what the console shows when you enable all the features (TP disabled at the moment):






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 I apologize about the delay as I just took over the social media activity for the Dell Data Security team. Going to post a reply here in case anyone else runs across this issue. 

Short answer: Yes you can run Threat Protection and Advanced Threat Prevention at the same time. You will need to add some exclusions to TP for Cylance which are listed at: (under Software > Windows tab).

Your plugins also look fine as you are running policy based encryption instead of SED. 

Let me know if you run into any other issues.


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Thanks for sharing the response and detailed reply. As I was facing the same issue. But after reading your this reply. I applied the mentioned detailed and my issue get fixed. Still now I haven't applied threat protection thats the main reason the issue was still existing.

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Thanks for sharing the reply. I was facing the same problem. 

After reading your reply. My issue was fixed after I applied the detailed. I haven't applied threat protection because the issue is still there.

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