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How do I get a Dell Backup and Recovery and whats its cost?

Hy there,

How do I get a Dell Backup and Recovery. I am having 40 tb data that, i need to do backup and Recovery in the case of any disaster. What is the best point of Dell Backup and recovery service so that i can select this one.

What is the cost of this service.



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For taking the backup of your dell data which is huge of 40tb. You can use other third party app or services. Like for backup of this data you can use dropbox or google drive. Both of them provide an extra folder on your computer where you will keep the data which you want to backup. You can use their free plan.<Non-public info removed. TOS64> But for backup of such a huge data you will have to buy their premium plan. And it will be a lifetime solution for you.


Thank you so much for sharing the 2 methods of taking backup of the dell laptop data. I haven't hear about these two methods will try both of them.

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Thanks to the dell community. For appriciating my recent reply on this post. As these appreciation give me motivation now my heart want to do something special for this community. And to be active most of the time to help others here.

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