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Likely wrong forum-sorry

Dropbox is synching and losing files, since a few days.

I also have 1-drive which has problem w/ chrome but nothing else

I just want drop box for backup...and don't know how 2 remove it.


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hi @XtanyaX  It happend while using dropbox. But don't worry just uninstall the dropbox from your laptop or computer. and then install it again and properly sigin it. It will start working. And if didn't start working inspite of installing again then contact dropbox support they will fix the issue easily. Not big issue <Non-public info removed.TOS73> occuring in dropbox.


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Just follow the proper procedure. And your issue will be solved.

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Yeah you are right. Not one time but many time I have faced such kind of issue. While loss alot of storage data due to not synching. When I do new window so I download drop box and make it to synch data but due to some issue the data don't get synch.

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