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Cannot inventory R815 with OpenManage 9.1.0

OpenManage 9.1.0 client advisory that 11G servers and later are supported. R815 is 11G according to Dell listing here: http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/sln294897/how-to-identify-which-generation-your-dell-po...

Minimum O/S requirement is Windows Server 2012.

Server is R815 running a newly installed copy of Windows Server 2012 R2. OpenManage is unable to retrieve inventory with the reason "inventory collector is not installed on this server". Reinstallation attempts were made, no change. Noted that with 9.1.0 "DSM SA Shared Services" following install is set to "disabled" but only on this hardware.

Installed v8.5.0 and inventory collected fine.

Is R815 supported for 9.1.0 under Windows Server 2012 R2?


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Re: Cannot inventory R815 with OpenManage 9.1.0

Hi, thanks for the query.

In OMSA 9.1, the component that provides software inventory to OME, is disabled by default. It has to be first enabled on each one of your targets by using Sample - Enable Inventory Collector task under Remote Tasks section and then refresh inventory.

With this extra step, the problem should get resolved while working with OMSA 9.1.

Let us know if this helps.


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Re: Cannot inventory R815 with OpenManage 9.1.0

As suggested elsewhere, use this  command on each affected client:

omconfig system invcol action=enable



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