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Cannot update BIOS From DRAC 7

Hi there,

I’m in the process of setting up Open Manage Essentials Version to perform BIOS, Lifecycle and DRAC updates for my Dell PowerEdge R720’s. I’m using DRAC 7 Enterprise.

The systems are being inventoried correctly and are showing up within non-compliant. When I try to update the BIOS of a Dell PowerEdge Server I received the following errors from the DRAC

RED012 - Unable to create Lifecycle Controller update task.



RED006 - Dell Update Package download failed.

The error I see within the task of open manage is Package xxx failed to download on targe device. Update failed. Software Update Task Failed

I’ve given everybody access to C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\SysMgt\Essentials\SystemUpdate

Any ideas on what will be creating this issue. The Firewall is off on the open manage server. As soon as the system is assigned the task I always see the warning. A reboot is pending.




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Re: Cannot update BIOS From DRAC 7

Im no expert and am just starting with OME myself, but Ive seen this failure happen when either:

A.) My iDRAC firmware was more than 2 versions/revs behind current (so you may need to update manually through DRAC to a version closer to the newest before you can use OME to update)

B.) The Lifecycle controller firmware is several versions behind the most current(same as above - manual).

I would also check to make sure that upon bootup > Ctrl+E > Check to make sure that System Update on bootup is enabled.

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Re: Cannot update BIOS From DRAC 7

As per the two errors reported:

RED012 – Unable to create LifeCycle Controller update task –

This can happen when iDRAC is not able to mount MAS025.

As TD-Roy suggested above, please try to update iDRAC and LC firmware to the latest version and then try BIOS update.

RED006 – Dell Update Package download failed  --

This can happen when iDRAC can’t reach the network share on OME system to download the package.

Make sure iDRAC can ping OME system. Also  if OME system is dual homed, then you may need to turn off one of the NIC before trying to push the updates via iDRAC.

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